Core and Shell:

Hercules Campus – Playa Vista

Once known as the base for Howard Hughes’ aerospace empire, Playa Vista has become the headquarters for a new generation of innovators in filmmaking, game developing, and other creative industries. The Hercules Playa Vista Campus is part of this historical landmark.

ARC was called in to work on the East and South Parcels, 6 different buildings totaling 200,000 sq. ft. They designed complete MEP systems that pay homage to the sensitive environment in the area, the Ballona Wetlands, even to the point of designing units that utilize reclaimed water.

The challenge of working on a historical landmark site that was also an environmentally sensitive one was welcomed by ARC, and the result is a stunning technological accomplishment merged with nature.

Within Parcel 7 and 8, the goal was to convert all the warehouse, hangars, historical café and Hughes offices into new creative space. ARC’s core and shell design took into account the demands of future tenant space that will ensure a smooth transition while continuing to pay homage to all historical components.