Core and Shell:

Sony COP

This new Sony project was built to integrate human assets and consumer products, marketing, financial, sales and other aspects of the Sony world that support the movie-making technology and resources at their existing studio lot in Culver City. The goal was to bring back on site multiple disciplines in support of Sony’s creative initiatives that, up to this point, were scattered across the Los Angeles area.

Included in the plan were a higher level of amenities and significantly more communal public space. Project architect Gensler created a unique space incorporating studio lot architecture as well as culture. AMA PM and The Georgetown Company played a vital role in the delivery of this project for Sony, which was built by C.W.Driver.

As one of the very first ARC projects at its founding, ARC provided crucial design support for the first two buildings on the studio lot totaling 250,000 sq. ft. of space and guided the initiative as a LEED certified building.