Corporate Headquarters:

Gores Group

The Gores Group building went through three owners, all of who had relied upon the design expertise of ARC. ARC produced designs for each owner, but only the Gores Group ultimately went forward with construction. Gores Group wanted to build a premiere Class A Corporate Headquarters in Beverly Hills with a modern design utilizing features such as beautiful linear diffusers and gorgeous gyp ceilings throughout. Since ARC had been the MEP designer of each plan prior to ultimate construction, it was a bit of a challenge to step back and re-configure an already successful design and do something completely new. But ARC did just that, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. In addition to the stunning beauty of the facade and both internal and external structural elements, there is also a beautiful rooftop entertainment area with mechanical units tucked away and blended into the design which, at the same time, do not announce their acoustic presence - no mean feat for such a powerful HVAC system. ARC made sure that all the systems were designed for expandability and connectability. In the end, ARC is proud of how they successfully designed a full MEP system for 3 completely different clients, and did the right thing for them all - in the same building! On this project ARC collaborated with Belzberg Architects and the building is slated for completion in 2013.