Creative Office Interiors:

Google Venice and Beverly Hills

Google Venice occupies the award-winning Frank Gehry designed outer structure on Main St. in Venice.

The site consists of 3 buildings with 3 different landlords, grouped into one large campus. Everything was initially gutted to the walls, leaving the landmark Gehry “binoculars” intact. A full cafeteria was installed, along with massage suites, workout rooms and an outdoor amphitheater.

This building achieved LEED Platinum status, the highest.

ARC faced a couple of challenges here in that the infrastructure for the cafeteria was difficult to design and install in the existing configuration on the ground floor, and the project was on an extremely fast-track schedule, in addition to being a LEED Platinum certified structure.

The team consisted of HLW, HBC and Ross Project Management who worked very closely with ARC in addressing all client expectations, field conditions and project execution and the result is an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and successful work space for Google.