Creative Office Interiors:


When the popular Internet company Hulu assembled a team to help them determine their headquarters for the future, ARC evaluated multiple locations to assist in the decision.
Hulu had identified offices in Santa Monica’s Colorado Center for their recent re-location to a nearly 100,000-square-foot office space – a space formerly occupied by the architecture firm Gensler before it moved to Downtown Los Angeles. Gensler was the architect tapped to re-imagine their former space for Hulu’s needs, with EEI overseeing the whole process.

The airy design features open exposed ceilings and includes a fully stocked panty and cafe, as well as huddle and decompression spaces designed for easy employee collaboration. The design accommodates a large opening cut through the slab for the assembly space with re-location of mechanical infrastructure, all done in concert with the acoustic consultant and Clune Construction, as the open design makes keeping the systems quiet of paramount importance. The result is a beautiful space, created with a highly collaborative and hands-on group of people as clients who provided a positive spirit and atmosphere.