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Sony Culver City Lot Projects

ARC has become the go-to engineering firm for almost all projects Sony does on its Culver City lot, stemming from a long term relationship that has evolved into over 115 different Sony projects over the last 7 years.

A studio lot, being a very dynamic environment driven by constantly changing production schedules and of business needs, requires design engineering that is able to adapt on the fly to constantly changing conditions. ARC has been able to accomplish this and execute solutions with a quick turnaround time as a result of its long and varied experience with projects in the entertainment universe.

Sometimes its just purely consulting advice, and other times it’s knowing the right questions to ask with respect to maintaining the lot, or maybe even queries about what directions Sony can go with things. As a result, ARC maintains a virtually constant presence on the lot for Sony, sometimes responding to requests for advice on matters even outside of the immediate scope of MEP.

The Sony lot is like a town, housing film, television, post-production, color editing, music and sound recording and editing, audio mastering, distribution and accounting. In addition, there is also a commissary and a gym, multiple restaurants., stores for tourist and staff. It has its own central plant, chilled water, heating utility distribution system, critical data center. So it’s no wonder that Sony requires a talented and experienced firm to handle all of its wide-ranging and changing needs.

With Sony, ARC prides itself on its ability to be extremely flexible while continually manifesting the expertise to tackle a multitude of evolving challenges, and providing consulting to help avoid snap decisions – a sort of on-going coaching with respect to all things MEP.

On the lot, every project “finishes” but may never really have an ending – yet ARC is there, always keeping up with the Sony team.