DreamWorks Redwood City

DreamWorks Animation maintains two campuses: their original feature animation studio in Glendale, CA and the PDI/DreamWorks studio in Redwood City, CA (DreamWorks acquired Pacific Data Images and the two studios became a single unit). ARC Engineering worked with Gensler on the Glendale campus and PDI/DreamWorks reassembled the team when they leased a new, larger facility and needed to quickly replicate the same type of space and systems in Redwood City.

They leased two interconnected buildings, with plans to sublease one or return it to the landlord. However, the buildings had conjoined electrical and mechanical systems and they needed to be carefully separated, while maintaining functionality on both sides.

Work proceeded on the main five-story, 167,000 sq. ft. facility. ARC upgraded rooftop equipment and increased power and AC capacity for the new campus which features a screening room, data center, digital daily review rooms, voice and motion capture rooms, HP Halo conference rooms, kitchen and commissary.

A compressed schedule rife with quickly changing design, budget and schedule decisions saw ARC teamwork with an anticipatory approach, relying and building upon their knowledge gained on the Glendale campus as well as their expertise designing entertainment industry specific systems. The Redwood City campus opened in July 2012, on time, budget and meeting the high standards of a PDI/DreamWorks Animation facility.