UTA Beverly Hills

United Talent Agency (UTA) is a talent and literary agency with offices in Beverly Hills, California. UTA is one of the largest talent agencies in the world, with more than 135 agents representing actors, writers, directors, producers, recording artists, below the line talent, IP rights holders, emerging technology companies and corporate brands in a variety of practice areas including film, television, music, digital media, intellectual property, computer and video games, commercials, voiceovers, endorsements, branding & licensing, corporate consulting and entertainment marketing. ARC's design challenges included relocating offices, the design of a 150 seat screening room, cutting lots of floor slabs and provisioning for a 3 level staircase connecting all 3 floors. Additionally, the project required a complete mechanical rework while the building was going through renovations by other parties. There was also the challenge of the display and lighting of an extensive collection of high-end artwork. This project had to utilize state-of-the-art LED lighting systems in many of the building locales. ARC worked closely with the team of Rottet Studio, Taslimi and SAW PM.